December 28, 2009

Brett, E. Saucey, And Gina Nicol.

A group shoot, thanks for Gina Nicol for providing the models... she really knows how to pic them...

December 19, 2009

Danielle Evans

Track and Cross Country Star from UCR, Curly hair don't care, lean mean model machine. I was happy to see she came out to get some work done with ME. Thanks for coming thru Danielle.

December 16, 2009

Nicole A.

A LONG TIME COMING to shoot her... Well worth it. Thanks for coming thru Nicole, You are indeed a gift to any camera that hits you.

Leslie J.

These are some shots from Leslie's first shoot ever. A very pretty subject and a great attitude.

December 11, 2009

Yvonne P.

A great client! Thanks for your business and references. You're the best...



... I thought it was ironic that they stopped to read the 'No Stopping' sign...

Ebony Eyez...

A Great model and a wonderful friend...
Ebony Brought new poses and some genuine sassy class to the shoot. Thanks Ebony! You were great and it will always be a pleasure to shoot you!

December 9, 2009

Sharmane C.

Sharmane had to be one of the most beautiful and fun of my photoshoots. With a great shape, and elegant style, she blessed the camera with wonderful images.

Lifeless Pond

Essense Couture

It was really great seeing Essesnce. See was able to be on the shoot full of attitude and a great fashion sense.

Work Done For the Kush Boys

The Kush Boys were generous enough to ask me to accompany a photoshoot at a great house in Southern California, right near the beach.

Angie Killz

Reyanna Elise

Downtown Los Angeles...

Man Made Bridge

Nakia's Beach Shoot

Jay Q, Fitness and Fashion

Busy Bees

Jasmin Paddio